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María Marín’s voice is a tidal wave sweeping over millions of women around the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Her show, which airs on weekdays and Sundays, is a motivational program - inspiring, energizing, and entertaining listeners with music and talk. Maria speaks and listens to what women care about: love, family, career, and personal success.

María is a successful crossover Radio and TV personality, and has been recognized as one of the 25 Most Powerful Women in the U.S. by People en Español.

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On-Air Talent / Maria Marin

María Marin is a leading motivational icon among Hispanics worldwide. Her message, dedicated to empowering Latinos for over ten years reaches millions through her columns, best-selling book, international seminars and radio shows. As a life coach, she reaches thousands of listeners with her program on Univision Radio, which covers relationships, family and personal growth topics.

María is the author of “Mujer sin Límite”, and “Pide Más, Espera Más, y ¡Obtendrás Más”, two bestsellers in the Spanish language market. In addition, María writes an exclusive column “Supérate” for People en Español Magazine and is the author of the international column “Mujer sin Límite”, published weekly in the largest Spanish-Language Newspaper in United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Central and South America.

María started her career teaching the art of negotiation, her extensive training in this field makes her the only Latina to teach negotiating strategies around the world. Whether she is presenting a negotiating seminar to a corporation, or speaking at women’s organization about self confidence, her knowledge, inspiration and compelling messages have changed peoples live forever.

During the last decade, María has been honored with National awards as the Latina Entrepreneur of the year in 2006 by the Latin Business Association, the Latina Woman of the Year 2006 by the National Latina Business Women Association, and Most influential Women in Radio award 2010 & 2011 by Radio Ink Magazine. Every month, more than two million people access Maria’s web sites and her social media network.